Thursday, 29 September 2011

Over to you...

The eagle-eyed among you have pointed out that my 30b430 list is currently somewhat lacking, in that I only have 15 things on it so far.

I see that this may cause problems with the whole “30 before 30” concept and I’m trying my best to rectify the situation. But the problem is there’s so much that I want to do that it’s actually been a lot harder than I’d imagined to come up with a definitive list.

So, as much as I feel like I may possibly regret this, here’s where you come in.

My friends have pointed out that if I’m going to be gallivanting off around the world for nine months the least I could do is let them get involved too. And by that they meant helping to chose some of my 30 adventures.

Now a little bit of me is already thinking this may be a bad idea, especially after hearing some of the suggestions my so-called friends are coming up with. But I guess one of the points of this trip is to try things that I’ve never tried before and to get out of my comfort zone.

So I’m opening up the floor to suggestions. Please feel free to add yours. My disclaimer is I’m not definitely going to do everything suggested – especially if it’s dangerous or illegal (I’ve seen Banged Up Abroad and it ain’t pretty) – but I promise I’ll at least consider it. And if it’s something that will help to make my trip more memorable, I’ll give it a go...


  1. 16. Christmas on a beach
    17. Stand on the stage in Australia's Sydney Opera House ....:-) <3

  2. Thanks for the suggestions ladies, all sound like potentials for the list. Although Kash, you do know about my co-ordination issues!
    Sam, I definitely need to do something fun at Christmas as I'm going to be missing you all loads!
    Also thanks to @cressidahoward on Twitter for her suggestion: "Offer some free English conversation lessons to people living where you're traveling. A great way to learn about the country."

  3. I think you should visit a town starting with each letter of the alphabet. In order. And get photos of you with the signs to proove it. Good luck finding an "X" before China...

  4. Meet the entire cast of Neighbours and get Toadfish to give you a kiss on the face.
    Kiss a shark on the nose, climb Ayers Rock, wrestle a crocodile, eat a guinea pig in Peru.
    Steal a garden gnome and take a picture of him in every country.
    Leave a stick of Brighton Rock in every single country you go to and take a photo of it to prove that you have, or get one of the locals to eat.
    Send yourself a postcard from every place so that when you get home you can remember exactly how you felt at that moment when you reread them.
    I will think of some more. xx

  5. Thanks Rufus, trust you to write something that made me nearly cry in the office! xx

  6. Some more ideas:

    - Eat the national dish of each country you visit
    - Take a photo of what you're doing every day at 12 noon GMT
    - Drink a cup of T at the top of a tree
    - See a penguin
    - Laugh so much you cry
    - Sleep under the stars
    - Fall over
    - Forget what day it is. And what month
    - Abstain from T for one week
    - Get mistaken for a local. Prefferably in China
    - Travel by plane, train, automobile, bus, tram, horse, bike, scooter, tuk tuk, rickshaw, pack of a pick up truck, helicopter, boat, steam train, roller skate, rollercoaster, segway, coach, monorail and maglev (and yes, there is a suitable maglev line, it's in Shanghai).

  7. Ride the orient express
    Learn to cook a national dish of each country you visit
    Pickup a paper form each country you visit

  8. aw Em we will miss you at Christmas but the computer will have the pride place and we can skype you, we'll be able to see you and Hear all about your adventures so far.
    I think another challenge could be to find someone from each place you visit to follow you on this blog :-) Love and hugs xxxx